The hair type found from the continent of Asia is very distinct.

Although there may be minor differences between, for example, Indian and Japanese hair, Asians can be considered as one group for hair care purposes.
An individual Asian hair has an almost perfect round shape with a straight or slighty wavy hair shaft. It is usually dark brown or black, has the thickest diameter of any of the ethnic groups, and moreover, is one the strongest types of hair, with a capacity to grow to a greater length than that of other races- often over 40 inches.

The average growth rate for hair is half an inch amonth and the growth phase averages three and half to four years, giving a length of 21 - 24 inches.

The Asian growth cycle is the longest of any group, as much as nine years, almost twice the lifespan of other hair groups.

This means that the daily shedding rate is less than that of other races, and may also account, in part, for the comparative infrequency of male pattern baldness amonst Asian men, who do not suffer from this condition to such an extent as Caucasians or Black Afro-Caribbeans (who have the seciond highest tendency to baldness).

Asian women have a distinct tendency towards a general all over type of thinning, particularly over the age of 45. There are not necessarily more women with thinning hair in this group, but the recession of the front hairline, with thinness encroaching backwards, as seen in Caucasian women, is less common.

Asian women tend to have a more pronounced thinning, which is more noticeable as dark hair draws attention to the white scalp.

This is recent phenomenon occurring only in the past 20-30 years. In that time, Asian eating and living habits have become more westernised and this may perhaps account for the different appearence and patterns found in the hair of this ethnic group.

This may be associated with changes in nutrition, iron and hormone levels and also with genetic and other biological factors.


Long, dark, straight hair reflects light and has a shininess that curly or wavier hair often lacks. It does have a tendency towards dryness, though often this is not noticeable. However, because of it's larger diameter and longer length, Asian hair is more susceptible to moisture evaporation, which often leads to split and broken ends.

Furthermore, long hair tends to be brushed more frequently and while this removes dust and debris, it can also weaken the hair by removing some of the hair cuticle, making it even more vulnerable to moisture loss.

It is important to minimize this loss of moisture, as Asian hair can look stunning when in good condition. The use of moisturizing products and treatments is therefore essential, especially if the hair is long.

Daily washing is also important. Asian hair looks wonderful when clean but can become heavy on the scalp when dirty.

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