Sunora Products are made of the highest quality, pleasent to use and effective, without the need for:

Sunora Product are carefully made using a variety of natural oils, herbal extracts, infusions and essential oils. Using ingredients that have a long proven history, we at Sunora can be sure of their safety without the need for Animal Testing.

As well as the finished products. we strive to ensure that tha raw materials that we buy in from many sources are also not the subject of animal testing and are of the highest quality.


Many animal ingredients used in cosmetics and toiletries can easily be replaced with natural plant based ingredients. Slaughter house ingredinets such as Stearic Acid and Glycerin can easily be replaced with Palm Oil derived alternatives.

The most horrendous animal ingredient used in cosmetics is extracts from unborn animal placentas, taken from cows, which are 3-4 months pregnant. Also us are Human placentas. They come from hospitals and form ingredients in creams and aqueous solutions.

We at Sunora abhor this use and believe it to be completely unnecessary.

Sunora Products contain No Animal Ingredients and are Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegansan and Formulated to be Halal.


Synthetics play an important part in the manufacture of crulety free cosmetics and toiletries. Some of the best-known permume ingredients are extracted from animals, for example the scent of musk is obtained from the Musk Deer.

Sunora strives to use the best natural plant-based ingredients, essential oils, essences, etc in all our products and to limit the number of synthetic ingredients. Sunora also acknowledges that quality natural -based cosmetics and toiletries cannot be produced without the use of some synthetic ingredients in the formulation of our products.

Halal and contain No Animal Ingredients or Alcohol and are Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

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