Glossary of Ingredients

Many of the hair care and skin care products available in the shops contain ingredients derived from ANIMALS, although they do not say this on the label.

Some Common Animal Ingredients found in Cosmetics and Toiletries:


Stearic Acid

Fatty acids




Hydrolysed Keratin- from Horse or Human hair

Cow and human placenta - found in expensive creams


Gelatine - Bath beads

Sodium Tallowate- Soap

Silk Proteins

Musk, Civet, Ambergris, Castoreum- Perfumes

Perfumes/ Aftershaves/ Skin Toners/ Mouthwashes

Most Perfumes, Aftershaves, Skin Toners and Mouthwashes contain

(Ethyl Alcohol), which is not only prohibited for use by Muslims but also has damaging and drying effect on the skin.

For more information about animal ingredients found in cosmetics, toiletries and other products:


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